a birthday candy gram

candy gram

I envy those of you who always come up with the perfect gift for every occasion. If that’s something that comes naturally to you, be thankful! If gift-giving is something you struggle with, you can tuck this idea away for the next time you’re trying to figure out what to get for someone who has everything they need.

For my husband’s birthday, I helped my kids put together a candy gram. After looking up some ideas online, I bought a bunch of candy bars that I thought we could incorporate into the birthday message on the poster. Then after the kids got home from school, we typed up the message, printed it out, and glued the words and the candy to the poster. It was quick, easy, and fun! And best of all, it’s more personal than giving Daddy a gift card or another striped tie.

candy gram

If you’re considering making a candy gram, here are a few tips:

1. PRINT THE WORDS ON PAPER, then glue them onto the poster. Hand-written posters look charming and more personal, but I just didn’t trust that we’d be able to fit our whole message on the poster if we hand-wrote it. Printing it first allowed us to arrange it all on the poster before we glued everything down. The font I used is Bubblegum Sans.

2. MOUNT YOUR CANDY GRAM ON FOAM CORE. Standard poster board seemed like it would be too flimsy to accommodate the weight of all the candy, so I used a 20×30 sheet of foam core. It costs more than poster board, but it’s sturdy and easy to transport. Plus, you can prop it up against the wall instead of laying it flat.

3. ATTACH THE CANDY WITH HOT GLUE. Strong tape would probably work too, but hot glue was quick and easy. Several candy bars did jump off the board a few days later, but I figure they were just begging to be eaten…

candy gram

Every time my toddler sees his daddy’s candy gram, he puts his arms in the air and says, “Birthday!” This candy gram was obviously created for a birthday, but it could be adapted for almost any occasion. If you search for “candy gram” on Google or Pinterest, you’ll find tons of great ideas out there, and you’ll quickly see that I borrowed parts of our text from other candy grams.

If you create a candy gram, feel free to share a link to it in the comments. I’d love to see what you make!

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