100 miles in September

Alex's Million Mile 2014

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of my little friend Luke, I’m participating in Alex’s Million Mile — Run. Walk. Ride. It’s a month-long global event to increase awareness of childhood cancer and raise money for pediatric cancer research through Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

But the main reason I’ve joined Team Luke isn’t actually to raise money or increase awareness — it’s to support my friends whose lives were forever changed last year when their adorable little boy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Fortunately, Luke is currently doing really well. I dropped off dinner at their house last week, and if it weren’t for the fresh row of stitches, you’d never know that he had just gotten home from having brain surgery. But even though Luke’s tumor is stable, his condition is chronic, and so I’m participating in Alex’s Million Mile to remind his family that they’re not alone on this challenging journey.

My personal goal for the month is to log 100 miles through a combination of walking and biking. I’m so glad biking has been added as an option this year, because last September I walked 100 miles… and pushed a jogging stroller for almost all of those!

Walking 100 miles won’t cure cancer, of course, but I’m happy to go the distance to support my friends on their journey.

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  1. Thank you…for the meal, the 100 miles, and most of all your friendship!

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