Ethan discovers playdough

first experience with playdough

Do you remember the first time you played with playdough? I’m sure most people don’t — but it’s such a classic experience of childhood, isn’t it?

Yesterday was Ethan’s very first encounter with playdough. He’s only 13 months old, so he obviously didn’t create anything with it, but it was fun to watch him explore the squishy blue lump. I set up my iPhone on a little tripod in front of him and took a video while he played. There’s nothing dramatic or amazing in the video, but I love that I was able to capture such a simple moment of childhood exploration.

You can watch the video here. My favorite part is when he tears off a little piece of playdough and then looks back and forth between the two pieces. My least favorite part is his high-pitched squeal! Oh man, I hear that way too much these days! But it’s such a real part of life right now that I decided to leave it in the video.

Are you surprised that Ethan didn’t try to eat the playdough? I was too — but after I stopped recording, I sat down next to him and rolled a piece of playdough into a snake. He picked it up and promptly put it in his mouth. And when I rolled a piece into a ball, he considered that an invitation to throw the playdough.

We played with the playdough again this morning, but the magic of the very first time had already worn off, so I’m so glad I took the video yesterday!

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