my goals for January 2014

goals for January 2014

Do you love January as much as I do? The first few days are always so refreshing and invigorating! As usual, December was filled with all kinds of fun Christmas events, shopping, and projects, but as much as I enjoyed the Christmas season, it feels so good to head into a new year and turn my attention to other things.

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I’m setting some goals for myself this year. Goals and resolutions might seem like the same thing to you, but to me they feel different, and I’m going with the wording that is most inspiring to me.

I’m still finalizing my “official” list of goals for 2014, but I’ve set a few smaller goals for the month of January. You’ve probably heard that goals should be SMART — specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based — and I kept those criteria in mind as I set these goals. For some reason, I also wanted my goals for January to be things that my kids could understand and support. Nothing too private or abstract.

One thing that helps me reach my goals is keeping them visible. Obviously, if I forget what my goals are, I’m much less likely to achieve them! So to keep my goals in mind, I borrowed an idea I stumbled across recently — Shannon Brown’s summer fun list. I printed each of my four goals onto a 3×4 card and hung them on the wall near my desk. (Actually, I printed two on a 4×6″ card and cut it in half, since that’s the smallest size I can easily run through my printer.) At the top of each card, I left room for a square photo. When I meet my goal, I’ll print out a 2.5″ photo and attach it to the card. The cards can then be slipped into my Project Life album at the end of the month when I set new goals for February.

goals for January 2014 - closeup

In case you’re reading this on a smartphone and the images are too small to read, these are my goals for January 2014:

  • make something new for dinner
  • finish an unfinished project
  • read a good book
  • move towards my pre-Ethan weight

That’s it. Totally doable, right?

I’d love to hear what your goals are for 2014 — or just for January. Reading about other people’s goals is so inspiring! And who knows? Maybe one of your goals will become one of MY goals for February.

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