what our Elf on the Shelf has been up to

I’d love to have an elf who helps me blog when I’m up to my earlobes in Christmas projects, but Zippy doesn’t seem to be the blogging type. (Maybe it’s the lack of opposable thumbs?)

When Ethan celebrated his first birthday, Zippy spent the whole day in Ethan’s bedroom — wearing a shiny little party hat, of course.

Elf on the Shelf party hat

The flyer for the annual Men’s Breakfast at church didn’t say anything about inviting your elf, so Zippy whipped up his own little feast.

Elf on the Shelf makes pancakes

Even elves need a day of rest.

elf on the shelf resting

Snowballs for sale! Zippy is such an enterprising little elf.

Elf on the Shelf - snowballs for sale

Uh-oh, Zippy!

Elf on the Shelf - rolled down the stairs in a toilet paper roll

It looks like Zippy was hoping one of the kids would choose to take him to school for snack time!

Elf on the Shelf in our snack drawer

Zippy’s friends Simon and Buddy are such a good influence on him! Apparently he decided to follow their example and just sit on the shelf like a well-behaved elf for once.

Elf on the Shelf with the gingerbread house

No fair! Zippy is getting his Christmas cards sent out before ours!

Elf on the Shelf sends Christmas cards

Nice try, Zippy. We all know that huge box isn’t for you!

Elf on the Shelf thinks the large box is for him

Zippy must have thought the baby gate at the top of the stairs was an amusement park ride. He spent the whole day swinging back and forth, and didn’t even throw up.

Elf on the Shelf swinging on the baby gate

Over the weekend Hayden found his missing wallet. I guess Zippy got tired of hearing Hayden announce how much money he still needs to buy an iPod…

Elf on the Shelf wallet thief

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