Me Too Iguana

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I’m not sure why I only remember one of the 26 books in the Sweet Pickles series, but “Me Too Iguana” made a lasting impression on me when I was a child. (Maybe it was the only one we owned?)

“Me Too Iguana” is the story of an iguana who wasn’t content with who she was. She wanted to look like everyone else and be able to do the special things that only certain other animals could do.

Iguana wanted a trunk like Elephant, a mane like Lion’s, stripes like Zebra’s stripes, and feathers like the ones Goose had that were flapping in the breeze.

So she took the DIY route and made her own trunk, mane, stripes, and feathers.

When Iguana began to envy Stork’s ability to fly, her friends became worried for her safety. They realized that she was trying to be like them because she thought all of those features were better.

So Iguana’s friends invited her to a costume party — with strict instructions not to talk about the costumes in advance. Of course, Iguana wanted to wear what everyone else was wearing, but she couldn’t figure out what to wear. When she got to the park, she was confused, because all she saw were little flashes of green.

When Iguana realized that nobody was wearing a trunk, a mane, stripes, or feathers, she took hers off to fit in. And then she realized that all of her friends had come in an iguana costume — and she wasn’t wearing ANY costume.

After assuring Iguana that she was dressed perfectly, Stork presented the prize for the best iguana, and of course Iguana was the winner.

“You have the loveliest, greenest color,” smiled Stork. “You have the longest, bumpiest tail. Congratulations! We all think you’re wonderful just the way you are!”

“Yes,” said Iguana, very surprised, “I do too!”

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  1. Ha, I forgot all about that book! Yes, I think that was the only one we owned in the series or I’m sure I’d remember another one too.

  2. I still own my copy from when I was a kid, and it was my favorite as well!

  3. Thanks for the post. I needed it for a class I’m taken. I enjoyed reading Sweet Pickles with my mom.

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