crepe paper confetti

When the Easter egg piñata I made this week is destroyed on Sunday afternoon, a whole lot of candy and a few bits of homemade crepe paper confetti will fall from the sky. I know the kids will be too busy scrambling for the candy to care about the confetti, but I’ll enjoy it. And I snapped a few pictures of it so you can enjoy it too.

The paper is actually just crepe paper streamers, and the circles were cut out with a 3/4″ punch. I folded the paper and punched four layers at a time.

I’m sure the confetti doesn’t look as lovely now that it’s stuffed inside the piñata with the Laffy Taffy, Nerds, and Starburst… but it was fun to make!

5 Comments on “crepe paper confetti

  1. Confetti makes everything better.

  2. melanie: I used to think I didn’t really like confetti, but it turns out I just don’t really care for that metallic, mass-produced stuff.

  3. Such a good idea! So much safer than small confetti/glitter! We know of a 5 year old boy whose retina detached and he’s blind in one eye after confetti from a piñata got in his eye!

  4. bitzels: Wow – that’s awful! That metallic confetti doesn’t appeal to me much, and this is another good reason to stick with paper confetti.

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